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Denise E. Bruner is a second generation physician. Her father, Dr. Roland Herman Bruner, was recently honored by the County of Arlington.

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Dr. Bruner

Dr. Roland Bruner
Photo Copyright © Journal of National Medicine Association 1979 January; 71(1): 108.

Dr. Roland Herman Bruner received his Medical Degree (MD) from Howard University in 1932. In a time and place where segregation and bigotry barred hospital access to minorities, Dr. Bruner both interned and worked at Washington D.C.’s Freedman’s Hospital, one of the only hospitals providing medical care to African-Americans. In private practice Dr. Bruner continued these efforts by providing his services, even delivering babies, at the homes of people turned away by a segregated medical establishment.

In 1935 Dr. Bruner became a member of the clinical faculty of Howard University College of Medicine. A noted lecturer in the fields of women’s health and prenatal care, Dr. Bruner, through all of his efforts, segued his way to become the first African-American doctor employed by Arlington County’s Department of Health’s Prenatal Clinic.

In private practice for 45 years, opening in 1933 and serving the Arlington area until his passing in 1978, Dr. Roland Herman Bruner provided a lifetime’s worth of care to his community.