Dr. Bruner has changed my life.  I feel so much better since I have been under her care.  She listens to me and she cares.  She took the time to get to know me and treats me as an individual; not as a number.  She is personable, professional and a gifted doctor.  I would recommend her highly.  Her staff is wonderful as well.  They are helpful, friendly, very nice and very professional.

– RRude

“Dr. Bruner is a talented individual who uses her compassion and extensive expertise to care for others.  I have battled obesity for most of my life  and under Dr. Bruner’s care I have lost a tremendous amount of weight.  And I have successfully maintained my weight loss for several years while remaining under her care.”

-Successful Patient

Last year I was diagnosed with blood clots in both legs and at my annual physical my sugar levels were elevated. I decided it was time to make a change in my life. dr. Bruner was just the change that i needed.
Dr. Bruner has shown me how to eat healthier, stay hydrated and become more active but has also given me the confidence in myself to know that I can do this. I can make that change that I wanted and I have.
When I would hit a bump in the road, she would not dwell on what I was doing wrong or what I didn’t do but would come up with new ideas to try and help me continue my weight loss journey.
I recently had my blood work done and everything was normal. I can’t remember the last time everything came back normal.

This program has been great for me, it has given me the knowledge and the tools I need to get myself where I want to be. The staff is always so friendly and helpful and always there to encourage me when I need it the most. Thanks so much for a great program.

-J. Lesko

My health, quality of life and well-being are enriched because of the care I have received from Dr. Bruner and her staff. Dr. Bruner is a brilliant physician whose diagnostic skills have led her to prescribe the exact right treatments for my needs, even when other doctors I visited failed to come to a diagnosis. Her warmth, compassion, and positive approach have made her a valued friend and trusted partner in keeping me healthy and on track to achieve my goals. In addition, her staff is unfailingly welcoming and professional, often going above and beyond, or doing whatever it takes to be accommodating and ensure quality. I can’t imagine having any other team by my side as I go through this journey.